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Marketing & Creative Suite

Vibe Africa's data-driven marketing unit is comprised of in-house digital experts, strategists and creatives. We empower brands by connecting you with our customers through 360°, bespoke digital campaigns + targeted media solutions.

Vibe Africa stands as a premier data-driven branded entertainment agency, boasting a remarkable two-decade history of crafting festivals, events, clubs, and activations with 16 year experience . Specializing in elevating partner brands to iconic status, we rely on our proficiency, ingenuity, and zeal to create unparalleled experiences.


Distinguished by our profound comprehension of youth culture, we harness our insights to deliver tailored and comprehensive solutions that centre around the latest trends in music, culture, and fashion. Utilizing our data-driven approach, we position partner brands at the forefront of the scene, orchestrating authentic, innovative, and unforgettable moments that showcase brands through genuine, dynamic experiences.


The Vibe Africa team, renowned for their expertise and meticulous attention to detail, ensures that each curated event is not only authentic and innovative but also meticulously aligned with data-driven precision. The result is a transformative and memorable experience, both for the brand and its target audience.

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Performance Marketing

Our dedicated paid media team builds tailored search + display campaigns with high reach and conversion rates

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Creative Studio 

Our in house creative team of writers, designers, content managers + social media specialists conceptualise and produce tailored creative solutions.

DALL·E 2024-01-03 21.21.27 - A vibrant and creative marketing team specializing in influen

Influencer Marketing

We tap into our network of content creators and manage the entire social media process, from briefing, implementation to reporting.

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