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Connecting your business to people at every corner

Simplifying the customer and business journey

Reliable uptime

Our robust, modern payments platform offers industry-leading uptime.

Rapid transactions

3-second transaction speeds through WiFi and 4G connectivity, with next-day payouts.

Fast fraud prevention

Around-the-clock protection means your profits and customers are secure.

Pay it safe

Our security systems exceed industry standards, ensuring that every payment made on our platform is absolutely secure.

Secured By

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Smart businesses run it with Vibe Africa

Discover how we can take your business to the next level

Get more with Vibe Africa

Included with every sign up

Vibe Africa Point of Sale

Manage products and streamline sales

Vibe Africa Accounting

Connecting people at every corner to your business

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Vibe Africa App

Connecting people at every corner to your business


Vibe Africa Gateway

Manage products and streamline sales

Transparent pricing

Our fees start at 5% and go down as your business grows.

7-day support

Our support team is available via phone, live chat, WhatsApp and email.

Fraud protection

Real-time fraud detection protects you and your customers.

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Transacting more than R50,000 per month? Get custom rates and premium support

How the app works


Sign Up

Enter you details to either register or log in if you are already an existing user.



Find the Vibes

Our geofencing technology lets you instantly discover the best vibes in your city in real-time.




For your convenience, you can either check in seamlessly or reserve tables.



Get Social

Share your vibes and tag your friends directly on our in-app social feed!


Supporting your growth

SA's next best platform for small business

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The payments platform that never lets you down

Expert Support

Get the help you need on the phone, via email or even over WhatsApp.

Always On

Vibe Africa payments come with industry-leading uptime.

Flexible pricing

Your transaction fees drop as your sales volume goes up.

Our Story

Led by the belief
that anyone can vibe

While social media platforms and technological advancements have connected people across different spaces and places, finding the right 'vibe' remains a challenging and often uncertain task, requiring time and money. Vibe Africa bridges the gap, connecting users seeking a good time with establishments offering it in real-time. Through innovative technology and effective marketing, Vibe Africa enables establishments to reach their ideal customers, and users to easily locate these establishments and access all necessary information. In essence, it brings together like-minded people and the experiences they seek.





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Vibe Africa - white logo.png
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