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An Agave Takeover: Which spirit are you?

Have you heard about the big change happening in the spirits industry? Well, vodka is slowly being replaced by tequila as a popular spirit. Tequila's rise can be linked to several things, including the growth of the market for luxury spirits, the release of new flavours, and an increased online presence. Given the steady growth in sales, it is important for distributors and suppliers to monitor the coolest trends in order to figure out the direction in which the industry is moving.


Tequila premiumisation is the word used to describe the shift in consumer preference towards more expensive, higher-quality goods. This is because of a growing awareness of the skill and attention to detail that goes into making tequila, as well as a growing respect for its rich history, cultural heritage, and unique flavours. Tequila is also becoming more popular for special events and as gifts, thanks to this trend that has changed its image as just a party drink. Luxury brand demand has spiked along with the popularity of craft cocktails. We know the margarita is a classic way of sipping a tequila drink and has a very sophisticated look overall but tequila is now much more than just shots and margaritas as it was many years ago.

New flavours:

The popularity of fruit-flavoured tequilas, such as grapefruit, lemon and lime, is growing because they are easier on the palate and are sweet. People who enjoy Mexican culture or are looking for stronger flavours may find jalapeños and ghost peppers to be appealing pepper infusions. For craft cocktails, unconventional ingredients like cucumber, rose, and elderflower are also being explored. Global interest in at-home mixology is growing too, as seen by the Bacardi Consumer Survey 2022, where nearly 30% of participants from the US, UK, Mexico, India, and South Africa said they know more about cocktails now than before. We’re diving into a flavour revolution exploring different tastes and discovering new ways to suit everyone’s palate.

Increased online presence:

The increasing number of millennial and Gen Z drinkers has forced spirit companies to revisit their marketing strategies as social media has become a vital tool for engaging with this age group. Influencer marketing and tequila's cultural ties to Mexico have sparked online discussions and increased brand awareness. Innovation in drinks is also flourishing in the digital age because new avenues for cocktail invention, discovery, and enjoyment are being opened up.

To wrap things up, tequila is such a hot topic right now and we continue to see its rise and takeover in the spirits industry. There are three basic types of tequila - if you are a white spirit drinker there’s blanco tequila and if you enjoy whiskey and brandy you are most likely going to enjoy barrel aged anejo or reposado tequila. These tequilas can be taken straight with a fruit chaser of your choice or as a beautifully crafted tequila cocktail like a paloma, tequila sunrise and many more. We are moving into a world of sophisticated sips and ethereal flavours.

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