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Let’s Talk Hues - Colour Psychology in Restaurants:

So, you know how a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, turns out, a colour can speak volumes too! Imagine intentionally using colours to set the mood, like your favourite playlist, but for your restaurant's vibe. It's not just about making things look pretty; it's about stirring up emotions in your customers.

When you look at those attention grabbing ads that practically scream excitement, you'll find warm, vibrant colours splashed all over them. Companies use colours to get your attention and it works. On the other hand, hospitals and spas use soothing blues and greens to reduce the intensity and create a peaceful haven.

Ever considered the reasoning behind the vibrant reds and oranges on the walls of your favourite burger joint? It's not a random coincidence. These striking colours act as food cues, indicating and even urging your hunger to take centre stage during the encounter. The concepts of colour psychology are applicable in this situation. Colour psychology, in its simplest form, studies the subtle ways in which colours affect our mood, perception of taste, and interestingly hunger. Beyond just being aesthetically pleasing, colours also serve as conductors, coordinating the environment's emotional tone, with a deep understanding of our senses.

Imagine you're designing your restaurant. Do you want vibrant reds, cool blues, or something neutral? Think about your place and who you want to attract. If it's a chill spot for quick bites and chat, go for warm colours like red. For a calm, wellness vibe, try cool tones like blue. Neutral colours like white and beige give a classy backdrop for your food and design to stand out. It's all about picking colours that match the mood you want.

Many South African restaurants are embracing the trend of biophilic interior design. This approach brings nature into modern spaces, elevating their aesthetics. According to DesignWell, adding natural plant life not only enhances the look of a place but also boosts its mood. Plant life paired with soft neutral colours like nudes, create a fresh and calm atmosphere in the spaces. In Johannesburg, spots like Kolonaki Greek Kouzina in Parkhurst, the La Parada franchise, Mamasamba and Ethos in Rosebank are embracing this nature-inspired style. It's a hot trend and absolutely Instagram-worthy!

South African restaurants are also incorporating vibrant neon signs for ambiance. These signs feature quirky slogans, designs, or the restaurant's name, adding playfulness and personality. Neon signs create a trendy atmosphere with a soft glow, turning dining into a memorable culinary adventure. Beyond aesthetics, they provide functional light for a comfortable setting. In Johannesburg, spots like Louise and Anna in Midrand and Craighall, The Saigon Suzy bars, Fugazzi in Rosebank, EL&N in Midrand and others alike use neon signs to enhance their atmosphere.

We are taking it up a notch by also featuring DJs in restaurants. This adds a unique touch, emphasising the restaurant's attention to detail for its customers. The presence of DJs encourages people to linger, increasing bill sizes as guests stay for more drinks and enjoy the vibe. For instance, La Parada has DJs after 4 pm, creating an inviting atmosphere with fantastic music making you want to stay for more.

Colours go beyond looking good—they shape the mood. Choose restaurant colours wisely to match the vibe you want. South African spots lead with trends like nature-inspired designs, lively neon signs, and even DJ features. It's not just about looks; these elements create a memorable dining experience, making customers want to stay longer. So, when setting up your restaurant, remember: colours aren't just decoration; they're mood-makers that enhance your guests' overall enjoyment.

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